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In Plaza Caracol you find it all

We are much more than just a shopping center, we are part of the identity of Vallarta.

Plaza Caracol is the most consolidated shopping center with the longest history in Bahía de Banderas, with the largest number of stores and commercial offerings in the area. We are proud to be part of the tradition of the city.

With more than 30 years on the market, Plaza Caracol has the largest and most diverse commercial offer in the destination.

We host companies of all kinds. From media agencies to various services, gyms, opticians, qualified dentists, diverse treatments, beauty salons, entertainment. Enjoy the cinema experience with Cinemex Puerto Vallarta, language school and services such as Telmex, Afore Banorte, INFONAVIT, banks such as BBVA Bancomer and Banamex, and much more.

Plaza Caracol, your shopping center.

Discount on footwear

All footwear at $ 149 pesos.

Take advantage of! All footwear at $ 149 pesos. only in factories of León

Beauty discount

Highlights, eyebrow and mustache with an incredible discount

Take advantage of these incredible promotions! Highlights for only $ 990 pesos and eyebrow design, eyebrow waxing and mustache waxing for $ 200 pesos

Special promotion

Typical handmade blouse $ 100. pesos

Take advantage of this incredible promotion! Typical handmade blouse $ 100. pesos

Incredible discounts

Clothing from $ 129, $ 199 and $ 269

Take advantage of these sales that Little closet brings you on clothes from $ 129, $ 199 and $ 269

3.00 kgs for $93 pesos.

Load of 3.00 kgs for $ 93 pesos.

Custom service: Includes washing, drying, pre-washing, detergent, softener, bleach, folding and packaging (for each 3.00 kg load)

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