The Buen Fin 2020 in Plaza Caracol

November 09 2020
From November 9th to 20th, visit your friendly Plaza, to find everything you are looking for and need at the best prices and in the mall that has it all. We know that this year was complicated and therefore we want to support our community with exclusive offers that support our local economy.

Plaza Caracol, the shopping mall with the greatest tradition in Puerto Vallarta joins the weekend with the best offers of the year and brings the Vallartenses the best promotions of the Buen Fin for this 2020.

As is tradition in Mexico, since 2011, the Buen Fin is a time when the tenants of Plaza Caracol put their products at the best prices. At Plaza Caracol you can find everything, it doesn't matter if you are looking for a mattress, sunglasses, ice cream or a dreamcatcher, during these days you will find the best offers in Puerto Vallarta at your friendly plaza.

Before, we must remember that this has been an atypical year from the previous ones and as such, the Buen Fin 2020 will also be different. To avoid crowds and to ensure optimal care, this year instead of 4 days of offers and settlements, it will be 11 days so that everybody can get the best offers in Vallarta. Don't miss out on the shopping opportunities, but neither should you miss out on the opportunity to be safe at Plaza Caracol. You can consult all our promotions here


Proud to be the shopping mall with the most history in Puerto Vallarta, we have a great variety of commercial offerings for all ages and tastes. For example, if you are thinking of changing that old mattress that does not allow you to sleep peacefully this is the right time with the Super Colchones in Plaza Caracol, it brings you discounts of up to 70%!


Considering that winter is coming to Puerto Vallarta, which due to our tropical climate is only a pleasant drop in temperature, makes it perfect for sunbathing on our beautiful beaches; Sirena's Beachwear offers the best deals with discounts of 20% on swimsuits and 30% on beachwear. Make the most of it and get ready for the tropical winter in Vallarta.


During this period of Sana Distancia and its evolution to the new reality, many people decided that it was the perfect opportunity to get in shape and have the figure they always dreamed of. GNC offers nutritional supplements for your health and increase your muscle mass, with a discount of up to 40%. If you are among these people, you will love the Buen Fin 2020!


Our shoe stores also added to the seasonal offers where you can find special prices in the stores of Dportenis, Fábricas León, Zapatería Christy and USA Shoes. Renew your shoes,  there are no more excuses!


SORIANA is not far behind in its promotions with its “Savings Festival” where you can find all kinds of discounts and special promotions on its thousands of items such as Televisions, Computers, Domestic Appliances, Clothing, Food and much more. 

In this Buen Fin 2020, in Plaza Caracol you will surely find everything. Do not miss it!

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