Santa visited Plaza Caracol!

December 24 2020
Sharing the spirit of the holidays is something we look forward to throughout the year. It is a moment to spread smiles and to live with our loved ones, to thank for a year of learning and emotions. It is true that this 2020 was a year with very special circumstances, but that does not mean that at Plaza Caracol, the shopping mall with the most tradition in Puerto Vallarta, we were going to let this special date go by.

On December 19th we invited Santa Claus to share our holiday spirit with all our visitors. Very happy, as always, Santa accepted the invitation and brought Mrs. Claus and her elves with him to walk the halls of Plaza Caracol, your friendly plaza, and to share joy with the children, and not so children, who were lucky to be at the plaza on December 19th.

On his way from the North Pole, Santa Claus brought with him some gifts and candies to give to the children of Puerto Vallarta who were passing by the multitude of stores of Plaza Caracol, who accepted in incredulity and wonder at the presence of the nice man in the red suit.

Santa Claus, accompanied by Mrs. Claus and a couple of his happy little elves, appeared thanks to his magic in the traditional representation of the birth that we have in the most traditional part of your friendly plaza, in front of De Belleza and the Maquinitas. From where he left to travel all the corners of Plaza Caracol and spread joy with the children who happily took pictures with Santa.

In our social networks you can find the photos that were taken with Santa Claus and his family. If you were lucky enough to be in Plaza Caracol on December 19th, go now and find your photo to share with your family and friends.

In the great family that makes up Plaza Caracol we wanted to carry out an activity to remind you that you, our visitor, are the most important thing to us. We know that these have been uncertain times for everyone, but the holiday season is about sharing happiness, so we do not hesitate to invite the Claus family to share hope and joy with you.

We are humbly proud of the success we had. Seeing a child smile at a surprise meeting with Santa is something worth seeing and sharing. It's worth noting that everything was done with the health measures to avoid the risk of contagion from the pandemic. In case you want to know more about our measures we invite you to visit our vision of Plaza Segura in Puerto Vallarta.

It is never too late to share the joy of this holiday season in Puerto Vallarta, on behalf of the family that makes up Plaza Caracol, we wish you a very happy holiday season! And remember that we are always waiting for you with open arms.

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