The winning love story

February 28 2021
As we announced in our previous blog, we invited the distinguished members of our community to share their love story in the February dynamic of Plaza Caracol. On the occasion of Valentine's Day, we wanted to know the love stories of those who visit us and participate in our social networks, in addition to rewarding the one that our community gave the most interactions.

True to our word, we closed the participation on February 26th to announce the winner of our dynamic. We remind you that the publication with the most interactions would win a $2,000.00 MXN certificate and a relaxing massage for couples. Below we tell you about the winner of the contest “A love story” in Plaza Caracol.

We are grateful for the stories you shared with us

Since we launched the call on our social networks on February 4, 2021, until the closing date, February 25, 2021, we received 135 comments from members of our community where they shared with us their love stories that we were very excited to read.


For example, Alejandra Hernandez told us that in 2009 she had her first Valentine's Day with her boyfriend, and it was in Plaza Caracol. Where also, after a time of separation, they reconciled in the fountain of stones! Currently, they are still together and have 3 children; it made us very happy to read this story of which we are indirectly part of.


Meli Anaya did not share that she met her boyfriend three years ago while they were taking classes at Cilex. They started their love story, sharing breakfasts and meals in the cafeteria, and we felt part of their happiness where they are still together to date, and it all started in the aisles of Plaza Caracol, your friendly plaza.


The winning publication, with 1700 reactions, was that of Paula Ramirez, who shared with us that she met her boyfriend in a hotel in our city, Puerto Vallarta, some time ago, and today they have been together for almost two years. According to Paula's story, they are an example of how love comes without you expecting it and that made our community and her loved ones vote for her as the story that deserved to be the winner of the certificate for $2000.00 MXN and a relaxing massage for Paula and her boyfriend at Armony Plaza Caracol.


Wait for more promotions at Plaza Caracol

We greatly appreciate your participation in our dynamic. Not everyone can be a winner of the contest, but you can be sure that you earned a place in our memory, and it also inspires us to continue launching calls for entries in which anyone can be the winner in the near future. 


We suggest you stay tuned to our social networks where we will keep looking for ways to reward your preference for Plaza Caracol, the most traditional shopping mall in Puerto Vallarta. We also remind you that the plaza is open every day of the week, complying with all the health regulations of the local authorities. If you want to know more, we suggest you visit our blog about our health protocol.

Thank you for your attention and stay tuned for the latest news about Plaza Caracol, your friendly plaza.

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