Tell us your love story and win!

February 04 2021
No matter the circumstances, love should be celebrated and in this month of Valentine's Day, at Plaza Caracol, your friendly Plaza, we have prepared a dynamic to celebrate with you this season of lovers.

We want to feel inspired by you, the person who visits our plaza regularly and offer you the opportunity to win interesting prizes, sponsored by the Plaza Caracol tenants, the most traditional shopping mall in Puerto Vallarta.

Next we will tell you about the surprise dynamic we have prepared for you and the prizes you can win by participating in it. Read the instructions very carefully and do not miss the opportunity to win.

Tell us your love story

On the occasion of Valentine's Day celebrations we want you to tell us your love story. We will launch a call for entries so that, through our Facebook page, you can share with us and the Plaza Caracol community a love story that you think deserves to be told. 

If at the end of the contest, your story gets the most reactions, you will win a $2000.00 MXN certificate to spend at the Plaza Caracol store of your choice, plus a relaxing back massage for you and the person you decide to share the prize with.

The rules of the contest are as follows:

  • Like our Facebook page, so you can share your love story.
  • On our concert post, comment with your love story (remember that in our community, we maintain respect for everyone. Make sure your story fits within the parameters of respect in order to participate).
  • You have until February 23rd to tell your story. But the faster you do it, the more chances you have to win.
  • Invite your friends to interact with your post and like our Facebook page for more chances to win.
  • The winner will be the comment with the most reactions, as long as it has more than 50 interactions.

 We also invite you to visit our promotions page to discover the ways in which Plaza Caracol stores are looking forward to celebrating with you this month of love and friendship.

Publication and awards

The winner will be announced on our networks on Wednesday, February 24, and we will invite her/him to receive her/his prize of $2000.00 MXN in gift certificates to shop at Plaza Caracol, as well as a certificate for 1 relaxing back massage for a couple. 

We remind you to stay tuned to our networks to discover funny stories and give your vote to the one that touches your feelings the most, whether it is funny, tender or dramatic. Likewise, if you participated, you can find out on Wednesday, February 24, if you were the winner of the prizes, and you can share them with a special person for you, which is what we are looking for to celebrate with you this Valentine's Day. 

Be sure to participate in this fun dynamic in which we want you to feel part of our community. We also take this opportunity to wish you a February full of love and that all your loved ones are very well, on behalf of Plaza Caracol, your friendly plaza.

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