Jugos el Güero

Lonchería with delicious breakfasts, natural juices, smoothies and desserts

Jurado Racing

Mopeds are small, low-displacement motorcycles that additionally incorporate a set of pedals to move them if necessary.


Stuffed animals, cards, balloons and a thousand ways to please yourself.

La Barra Amarilla

Seafood restaurant prepared at the moment. Proud that La Barra Amarilla is booming in Puerto Vallarta, uniting families. Mixology. Fresh seafood is prepared at the moment.

La gomita

Sale of balloons for all occasions (birthday, baptism, love, graduation, confirmation, welcome, plush, candy, wrappers and candles. Personalized gift boxes

La Michoacana

La Michoacana Paletería. Wide range of products, ice creams, popsicles and flavored waters. The most delicious

La Panza es Primero

Health food and nutrition store, you will find food supplements, proteins and vitamins, beauty products.

La Ranita Feliz

We are your best option in special gifts for your loved ones.


Experts in Japanese Straightening, Hair Keratins, Maintenance and hair reconstructions. Everything you need in Beauty products specially designed for hair care for women who like to look and look good. We are distributors and manufacturers of organic low impact chemical products for general hair care. We carry out applications and courses on Japanese Straightening and the use of Hair Keratins in hair reconstruction. We offer service for both Women and Men. Retail and wholesale sales. Distributors for Beauty Salons throughout Mexico. Special services for beauty professionals and hairdressers in general


Surrendering Totally to Our Clients is the Most Wonderful Thing in Life!

Laptop Master

We repair all types of computers, cpus, we offer quality and speed, honest staff to improve your equipment to your needs, our mission is to have 100% satisfied customers.

Little Closet By The Sea

Youth clothing boutique that makes you look spectacular, in little closet boutique you can find all kinds of comfortable clothing.


We are a Mexican brand thought and inspired by you. LOB is yours. Do not miss the opportunity to visit us and discover the incredible discounts we have for you

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